What Is SPECT Scan?

SPECT scans can help identify and aid in treatment of many disorders. Essentially these brain scans take a snapshot of brain activity that can then provide insight on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), including: sports-related concussions and acquired brain injury, stroke, drug addictions, near-drowning and neurotoxic factors. SPECT imaging is also valuable for identifying dementia types, PTSD, ADHD/ADD, anxiety, depression, OCD, bipolar disorder, and executive dysfunction. SPECT gives us a picture of your metabolic brain function so we can better target treatment.
At M.I.N.D. we work with the leading doctors and researchers to illustrate how effective new brain healing treatments such as Hyperbaric Oxygen, Stem Cell and other new therapies help with patients suffering Stroke, Concussive injuries, PTSD, and Alzheimer’s disease.SPECT changes the diagnosis or treatment plan in many cases. Our SPECT Scanning service is valuable anytime you have a health issue related to your brain. If you suffered some type of brain injury then a SPECT scan can help to show where the blood flow is reduced in your brain.

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders, PDD NOS
  • Near-Drowning
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Seizure disorder
  • Depression, Unipolar vs. Bipolar
  • Anxiety, PTSD, OCD
  • Anoxic/Hypoxic brain injuries
  • Stroke
  • Alzheimers
  • Concession
  • Neurotoxicity