78607 Brain SPECT Imaging Tomography

Most Common Diagnosis:

ICD9 ICD10 Description Select
088.10 A69.20 Lyme Disease
290.0 F03.90 Senile Dementia Uncomplicated
290.13 F03.90 Presenile Dementia with Depressive Features
290.21 F03.91 Senile Dementia with Depressive Features
294.10 F03.90 Dementia in Conditions Classified w/o Behavioral Disturbance
331.0 G30.9 Alzheimer's Disease
309.81 F43.10 PTSD
331.2 G31.1 Senile Degeneration of the Brain
348.3 G93.40 Encephalopathy Unspecified
348.5 G93.6 Cerebral Edema
438.0 I69.91 Cognitive Deficits
780.0 R44.3 Hallucinations
780.93 R41.3 Memory Loss
794.02 R94.01 Abnormal Electroencephalogram (EEG)
850.9 S06.0X0A Brain Injury
854.00 S06.0X0A TBI